Dakar 2018 Spectator Tour

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The Dakar 2018 rally races through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, we'll be there!

Chile - Peru - Argentina

Atacama - Arequipa - Nasca - Salta - Calchaquí Valleys – Valley of the Moon - Cordoba - Mendoza - Santiago


This motorbike adventure tour will make you a spectator of the 2018 Dakar Edition and take you to the most scenic parts of the Andes of northern Chile, Southern Peru and Argentina. It is packed with highlights: big mountain passes, colourful valleys, wide open desert planes, salt lakes, remote Andean villages, spectacular rock formations! And of course you'll live from close by the hardest off road race of the world - the Dakar Rally 2018 Edition.

As the Dakar Organization has changed their information policies and won’t inform about the detailed route of the 2018 Dakar edition until shortly before the rally, this route description is a rough itinerary that might have to be adjusted a few months before the tour. A detailed description will be given as soon as the organization informs about the more detailed route.

Day 1 (5/1/2018)

You will be picked up at the airport of Iquique and brought in the Hotel from where this motorbike Dakar expedition starts next day. After an introduction to the bikes and the tour and some general information, you have the rest of the day at your free disposal.


Day 2 (6/1/2018)
Iquique - Tacna (Peru)

We'll move away from the coast to head up into the desert and continue our journey towards the north crossing 3 deep valleys. In the northernmost city of Chile, Arica, we will have lunch before crossing the border into Peru. We'll spend the night in Tacna.

Approx. 360 km


Day 3 (7/1/2018)
Tacna - Arequipa

Now in the zone of the Clemesi desert in Peruvian territory, we will continue in the direction of the beautiful city of Arequipa, also known as the White City.

Approx. 380 km


Day 4 (8/1/2018)
Arequipa - Dakar Stage 3 - Nasca

We'll ride out of Arequipa to reach the Pacific coast. Riding along the coast we'll pass several fishing villages and get a real feel for the size of the Atacama Desert. In the end of the day it might be possible to see the end of Dakar stage 3.

Approx. 580 km


Day 5 (9/1/2018)
Nasca - Dakar Stage 4 - Nasca

Today we will have the entire day to watch the Dakar Rally. We'll set out to a nice observing point and take our day to watch this spectacular race.

For those less interested in the rally will have the possibility to take a Cessna flight to oversee the Nasca Lines and still have the rest of the day to watch de race.

Approx. 100 km


Day 6 (10/1/2018)
Nasca - Dakar Stage 5 - Camaná

On our way down south towards Chile we'll probably have the chance to watch Dakar stage 5.

We'll rest in the evening in the pleasant town of Camaná.

Approx. 420 km


Day 7 (11/1/2018)
Camaná - Arica (CL)

Shortly after we cross the border to Chile we'll reach Arica where we spend the rest of the day in a pleasant hotel on the water front.

Approx. 500 km


Day 8 (12/1/2018) or day 1
Arica - Iquique

An easy day takes us to the beach town Iquique. We'll have the afternoon free to enjoy the beach and the town centre.

Approx. 300 km


Day 9 (13/1/2018)
Iquique - San Pedro de Atacama

Leaving Iquique on a beautiful coastal road to the south we'll get to Toconao from where we ride up into the higher planes of the Atacama Desert. We'll pass the impressive copper mine of Chuquicamata, which is the biggest copper mine in the world! After fuelling up in the town of Calama we'll ride through the "Mountains of Salt" to San Pedro de Atacama.

Approx. 500 km


Day 10 (14/1/2018)
San Pedro de Atacama - San Antonio de los Cobres (ARG)

We'll ride deeper into the Andes, following the gravel road to the Border with Argentina. After riding through the valley of the Atacama salt lake, passing the charming villages of Socaire and Toconao we'll be climbing up to 4000 + meters and pass stunning landscapes and several lagoons. In the middle of the main Andes Mountain range we'll rest for the night in the surprisingly big town of San Antonio de los Cobres.

Approx. 360 km


Day 11 (15/1/2018)
San Antonio - Cachi - Molinos - Cafayate

Now on the famous Ruta 40 road today's motorcycle ride takes us along the Calchaquí River, through narrow gorges and broad valleys. We snake through the rough landscapes of the "Valley of Arrows", the beauty of this remote valley almost tops the famous Quebrada de Cafayate.

Overnight stay in Cafayate, the wine capital of Salta, where we spend the night in a lovely Hotel

Approx. 360 km


Day 12 (16/1/2018)
Cafayate - Dakar Stage 10 - Belen

We´ll go to see the a big part of stage 10 of the Dakar Race. Depending where the rally goes we'll see probably all the vehicles pass as we have most of the day to watch today's stage. In the evening we ride to the town of Belen so we are ahead of the race.
Approx. 300 km


Day 13 (17/1/2018)
Belen - Dakar Stage 11 - Villa Union                

On our way to Villa Union we go with the Dakar Rally convoy and will be able to watch a good part of the race somewhere on the way.

Approx. 300 km


Day 14 (18/1/2018)
Villa Union - Dakar Stage 12 - Valle Fertil

Today we'll visit the Nature Park Ischigualasto (Valley of the Moon) with its naturally carved bizarre rock formations which can be visited on the bikes.

Depending on the Dakar Race itinerary we will be able to watch today's stage somewhere.

Overnight stay in Valle Fertil.
Approx. 200 km on asphalt, and 50 km on gravel.


Day 15 (19/1/2018)
Valle Fertil - Dakar Stage 13 - Villa Carlos Paz

A ride through the argentine Pampas and later through the mountain range "Sierras de Cordoba" we'll get to the lovely village of Carlos Paz, situated on a lake shore. On the way we'll try to catch a glimpse of today's Dakar stage.

Approx. 500 km


Day 16 (20/1/2018)
Villa Carlos Paz - Dakar Stage 14 and finish in Cordoba - Villa Carlos Paz

We'll watch the motor-bikers start the last stage before we go to town to watch the finishing ceremony.

Approx. 200 km.


Day 17 (21/1/2018)
Villa Carlos Paz - Sierras de San Luis - San Luis

This beautiful riding day will take us through the mountains of Sierras de Cordoba and Sierras de San Luis.

Approx. 380 km.


Day 18 (22/1/2018)
San Luis - Mendoza

Passing some wine plantations we'll ride into the lovely city of Mendoza. The rest of the day is

Approx. 260 km.


Day 19 (23/1/2018)
Mendoza - Puente del Inca - Santiago de Chile

Riding along the Mendoza river we'll get higher and higher into the Andes. After the beautiful sites of Los Penitentes and Puente del Inca we'll stop at the view point of the Aconcagua - with 6962 m the highest mountain in the western hemisphere!

After the border to Chile the road goes steeply down in breathtaking hairpin turns, a great ride!

Approx. 360 km.


Day 20 (24/1/2018)
We will bring you to the airport to catch your flight. You will take awesome impressions, great memories and a Horizonte present with you on your way back home.


Note: The tour operator reserves himself to make changes or adjustments to the itinerary at any time.

Climate & Season

We'll ride mostly through desert areas close to the Pacific coast so the weather will be dry and warm. In high altitude we'll face some lower temperatures and in Argentina we might get some thunderstorms.

Prepare for hot and cool weather and some rain. Sun protection is very important!

Dakar 2018 Spectator Tour
20 days / 19 nights
about 6.500 km.
4 – 8 riders

05.01.18 – 24.01.18

Level of experience

This motorbike adventure is only suitable for motor-bikers with off-road experience and who can bare long days on the bike.


BMW F 700 GS: 13.700 US$

BMW F 800 GS: 13.900 US$

BMW R 1200 GS: 14.700 US$

pillion/passenger:   7.800 US$

single room surcharge: 1.500 US$

- Motorbike rental
- Third party insurance
- Custom permissions for border crossings
- Multilingual guides
- 4×4 support vehicle
- Mechanical support
- Satellite phone
- Petrol for the whole trip
- Road toll
- Ferries
- Maps
- Accommodation (double rooms) in high quality hotels
- Breakfasts
- Snacks and water on the road
- All dinners, mostly gourmet
- Airport transfers in Iquique and Santiago

- Flights
- Lunches
- Drinks
- Entry fees
- Additional Transport (train, bus, taxi)
- Travel/Health insurance
- Accident insurance